Warsztaty z psychobiologii w języku angielskim

Warsztaty z psychobiologii w języku angielskim
Normobaria Wilanów
ul. Wiertnicza 78, Warszawa
Kiedy: 2022-12-01 - 2022-12-03
Czas trwania: 19:00 - 21:00
Koszt wstępu: bilety

Dear All,
We lovingly invite you to a meeting with psychosomatics and family systemic laws.
You might have heard about Dr Hamer’s discoveries regarding illnesses that were further developed and named such as Recall Healing, Biologic, Bio-Decoding or Psychobiology. This knowledge changes the way we see and recognise a disease. It is worth getting the basic rules to support our own bodies in a recovery process. The family systemic constellations on the other hand is a technique that allow us to see an energetic dynamics in the family, at work, personal life in order to improve relations and a quality of life.
I’st meeting – 1 December – ‘I trust biology, I trust my body, I trust myself’
This meeting is for people that have little or no knowledge about widely understood psychosomatics. We will learn biological nature’s laws that run our bodies reactions. We will see how emotions and feelings influence the way we get sick.
For people wanting to take a part in this meeting and having questions about particular disease they suffer please send me an email describing your symptoms at by 25 November.
II’nd meeting – 2 December – ‘Emotions and feelings, meaning’
This meeting is for people that want to have a wider glimpse into their feelings and how it affects their bodies.
For people participating in this meeting please feel free to send me the name of a feeling/emotion that you struggle with in life and you do not accept at
III’rd meeting – 3 December – ‘Hellinger’s systemic constellations – knowledge and practice’
This meeting is a semi-workshop. We will have a look at the family systemic laws and we will get to known with a ‘spirit field’. Before a meeting think of an issue you would like to have a look into.
A few words from the host - Magdalena Magrian:
I run my own psychobiology and systemic constellations (Sophie’s and Bert’s Hellinger method) office in Gdańsk.
I am a certified systemic constellations therapist and a certified psychobiology consultant. More about me and my qualifications you can read here:
Privately, I am a married woman, a mum of two teenagers. Two dogs joined our family I live in Gdańsk, Poland. I love hiking, preserving food and flipping old furniture.
Lectures are held at Normobaria Wilanów. Normobaria is a breakthrough method of stimulating the body by staying in an atmosphere of increased pressure (1500 hPa) with optimized oxygen and carbon dioxide content and in the presence of the most perfect known antioxidant - molecular hydrogen. Staying in normobaric conditions guarantees maximum oxygen uptake at the cellular level. The body's natural repair mechanisms work with multiplied efficiency.
- Duration of lectures: 2 hours each day.
- The fee for one meeting is PLN 100, for two meetings PLN 180, and for three meetings PLN 260. You can only be at one meeting or take advantage of all of them.
- A fee for a session in a normobaric chamber should be added according to the price list ( You can also use the subscription session.
We accept subscriptions by phone or e-mail.
If you have any questions, please contact us:
509 139 302



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